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New site design + Chalkdust feature requests

I’m still in a state of mild disbelief about it, but apparently it’s true–the last time I posted here, it was amid musings about birthday cake. And now, I’m back to post again, just a few days following this year’s birthday. I don’t even know what to say about that.

I’m sorry. That’s a good place to start, perhaps.

I hope you’re all doing well so far in this lovely year of two-thousand-and-twelve! I’ll dispense quickly with the business talk: I’ve done a major overhaul of the site for this year, which I hope you might take a peek at if you’ve a moment to spare! Among what you’ll find therein: HTML5/CSS3 pretties, new gallery setup with custom styling, and a wax seal power button that glows when you mouse over it. With credit to my handsome beau for that bit of inspiration–it’s a pretty cute effect, non?

Please do take a look if you’ve got a minute or two to spare! And as long as we’re talking site stuff, a big thanks to those of you who slipped below my radar and “liked” the site on Facebook, quietly before there was a button on my index page to rat you out. You sweet, sneaky things, you.

Okay, now, the fun stuff: Chalkdust update talk! No, it’s not ready yet. (Sorry. Again.) I’m compiling a list of feature requests to address, along with things I’d like to add on my own time. These are the ones that come to mind–if you’ve got a missing feature you’d like to see added to the next update, please leave me a message here or on Tumblr (link to my ask box), and I’ll add it to this post. I don’t anticipate that I’ll have to veto any reasonable requests, but there’s a chance that not every requested feature will make it to release. But you are, of course, free to modify your own personal install(s) of Chalkdust to your heart’s content! You don’t even have to ask!

My Desired Updates

Requested Features

I’ll do my best to keep this post updated with feature requests and progress notes, but if you really want to keep up to tabs, your best bet is probably to follow me on Twitter. I’ll try to keep you all posted as best I can!

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    Hi, I had a wonderful time reading your post.  I am looking forward for your next post.  I already followed you on your twitter so that I can be updated.  Thanks again.

  • KT

    I don’t know if you’re still working on this but just in case I thought I’d leave a comment. I love your theme; I’ve been using it since I first got a tumblr earlier this year. I have some issues with it that have made me consider finding another theme a few times (or creating my own chalkboard-looking theme; that endeavor didn’t last too long), but I like the look of Chalkdust so much I haven’t been able to leave it. I’m really excited to read about these updates and I hope they’re still being planned!

    The two main issues I have are things I think you’ve included in your list. One is a larger side panel, because that would definitely be helpful. The other is that the posts are narrower than they need to be and images are minimized, which looks strange. Is that what the ‘reconfigured display’ item refers to? If so, awesome.

    One other small thing is that, unless I’m doing something wrong, there’s no link to the main blog page anywhere in the design. The blog title would be a good place for a link, and having one would be convenient, so I hope you’ll consider adding that in :) (I think I tried editing the HTML to do it myself months ago but ended up not liking the look of the link.)

    That’s all I can think of. Thanks for providing such a great-looking theme!