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Chalkdust v.3.0 pending + Tumblr theme questions

We’ll start with a little bit of good news: Chalkdust v.3.0 is finished and submitted to Tumblr for Theme Garden inclusion, so you should be seeing it pop up for your installing pleasure sometime (hopefully) soon! Yay!

The bad news, unfortunately, is that there’s no estimated turnaround time for the process, and theme updates going live are pretty much at the mercy of how quickly the queue is moving. It’s been submitted as a revision to v.2.0, and if you check out the install page for v.2.0 now, you’ll see the updated screenshot and info, but installing the theme to your blog will still apply the previous version. I admit that I find this behavior somewhat vexing, but it is what it is, and it’s out of my hands. I will, of course, post again when the changes have gone live, so anyone who’s been anticipating the update can hop right over as soon as it’s available. Thanks for being patient so far–it’s definitely appreciated!

In the meantime, I’d like to go ahead and use this space for some questions that I’ve been receiving over the past few months, because why not. Without further ado, then!

Q. How do I apply your theme to my blog?
A. My themes have been updated to display properly within the new Theme Garden format now, so hopefully this question won’t occur so frequently in the future. That said, if you’re having trouble finding the links, here are links to the respective install pages for Chalkdust and TumblOS. Make sure you’re logged in to the correct account, click Install, select your blog, and poof, magic!

Q. I’d like to change the font/background/colors/____ of your theme for my blog. Is that okay?
A. Absolutely! Any modifications or additions you’d like to make on your personal blog(s) are 100% okay–they’re public themes for public consumption, so please, enjoy them as you will!

Q. I’d like to make changes to your theme and resubmit it to the Tumblr Theme Garden. Is that okay?
A. Although my public themes are offered free of charge for anyone to install and modify for their own personal usage, they are not to be used as templates for your own theme designs. If you’d like a custom theme for your Tumblr and know a bit of HTML and CSS, Tumblr’s own theme documentation should cover all of the basics in development. Otherwise, feel free to contact me for a custom quote.

Q. Are you associated with any blogs that use your themes?
A. I’ve received several emails intended for specific users that have installed my themes, so I want to clarify: I have no affiliation with any blogs that may display my themes! Please use reblogs or the “ask” option (if enabled) to contact individual blog owners. I can’t redirect your messages.

Please feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment with any other burning questions you might have (theme-related or otherwise)! I’ll attend to them as quickly as I can!

  • Morwenna

    Hi! Sorry to disturb, but the Disqus comments aren’t working on my Tumblr with your theme. I’ve tried to replace “example”, etc, but I can’t fix it. Could you help me? Thanks a lot!