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Thinking of the next thing

Alliteration is great, isn’t it?

So I was looking at my stats reports for this blog recently–try it; it’s fun–and I happened to notice, glancing over my search keyphrases, that the number one search query for this site is “tumblr themes by caroline tucker”.

Sob. Thank you!! I’m blushing.

I guess this means the people have spoken, so I’ll be working on at least one more Tumblr theme in the weeks to come, though I’m not sure yet what shape it’ll take. I’m also working on a revamp of Chalkdust now that I’m home from the holidays and happily reunited with my graphics tablet. (Why didn’t I bring it with me? I don’t know.) Producing a theme like that on a notebook trackpad is… tough. Seriously.

Other than that, I’m hoping to add more and varied art pieces to the main site, and I’d like to work on some extra linkage for this site. With thanks to the handful of lovely friends who have allowed me to link to them thus far–if you’re reading from Tumblr or FeedBurner, do drop by the main blog site sometime and check out their sites in the sidebar!

And other than that, I’ve been mulling over such Fascinating Topics as HTML5/CSS3 and where the hell you get batteries for the model of Leica I’ve recently come into. Maybe Amazon will have them. Amazon has everything. Remember when it was just books…? Ah, the long long ago.